Zagori, Greece
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World Heritage

A rugged, exhilarating destination
for the mind and the body,
full of rich culture,
breathtaking landscapes
and unique architecture


“If you want to get to Zagori, let you spirit climb up first and embrace this unknown corner of the earth. Your soul, like a pilgrim, will flutter no matter how little love civilized living has left in it. You want to reach here without any calculations, having the memory of some sort of primitive devotion as your guide. Your guide will have to be the warmth of your heart, that will lead you to kneel down and ausculate the pulse of life which flows up here, to hear this life’s beat and breath, to forget the ant colonies toiling in the large cities and then as if you were reborn, to let yourself go near mother nature. You, nature’s stray creature, will let her speak to you in her own language and make you her child again, again hers, flesh from her own flesh.”

excerpt from
“Ζαγόρι, ένας απίθανος κόσμος”
(Zagori, an amazing world), 1957

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Απαγορεύεται η αντιγραφή και αναπαραγωγή κάθε είδους οπτικού υλικού ή κειμένου, τμηματικού ή σε πλήρη μορφή, του παρόντος ιστότοπου, χωρίς προηγούμενη γραπτή άδεια του διαχειριστή του.