Zagori, thanks to its geological relief,
its amazing diversity in terrain
and elevation and the rich
architectural and natural heritage,
offers a wealth of outdoor activities,
both, self-organised
or offered by activities companies.


Hiking, photography excursions, qigong and yoga classes and seminars, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, mushroom foraging, cooking workshops, folk dance workshops, rafting, canyoning, geocaching and more. Many of these activities can be organised by the visitors themselves, while others are offered by numerous outdoor activities operating mostly in the area of Zagori or Ioannina.

Survival tips
from The Sierra Club

We all need to stay on the safe side and we often need to take care of others in our outdoor activities.
The Sierra Club Survival Tips are a good source of precious, life saving information. Most of them are applicable in the Zagori environmental conditions.