A few examples of the more than 80
Zagori arched stone bridges

Zagori arched stone bridges were build by local stone masons coming from the nearby Konitsa villages known as the Mastorochoria. Their number is still uncertain, since many are hidden in remote and forgotten locations but the estimates speak for figures between 80 and 100. Most of the bridges remaining almost intact to this day, were build or restored during the 18th and 19th centuries. Almost all of them bear the name of the benefactor, the patron who funded their construction or restoration for the benefit of the community.
Depending on the width and the flow of the river, as well as other characteristics and local conditions, stone bridges have one or more arches and sufficient arch span and height.
Researcher Spyros Mantas dedicated his life in studying and cataloging the almost countless stone bridges of Epirus, the broader prefecture where Zagori belongs. In his books, as well as in his Epirus Bridges blogspot, he offers a wealth of information for these magnificent wonders of the past, in greek language for the moment but with rich visual content.