Zagori, in its 1000 square kilometres
and in a terrain ranging from 450
to almost 2500 m. above sea level,
offers one of the most rich,
diverse and dense networks
of old trails and paths.
Α selection of 34 routes
can be found below,
classified in three categories
of short, medium and long paths.


Most of the routes presented above are clean, well maintained and marked and new ones are made available continuously.
Recorded using a GPS device, they are on the Google Maps platform, accompanied with photographs.
For accessing additional information on any of the routes, please click on each itinerary’s green line.
These are only some of the hundreds of available routes in the area and apart from them, every Zagori village offers various beautiful hikes, serving as their starting point.
Of course, not everybody is experienced with hiking in new, unknown trails, so hiking on your own is generally not advised.
There are various activities companies operating in the area and they work with certified, experienced and knowledgeable local guides.

Please, hire a local guide, especially if you are an inexperienced hiker. Local activities companies and local experts, not only can make your hiking experience smooth and stress-free. They can show you secret sides and aspects of the area, share with you interesting information of the area’s geology, flora and fauna and also facilitate the overall organizing of your activity by taking care of your transfer to your starting point, or your hotel and save you from loss of precious vacation time and from a lot of hassle.
If you attempt to hike on your own, please bear in mind that the maps offered here are not as accurate and most importantly, they are not guaranteed that they will function in your phone or tablet while you are hiking. This is especially so in the poor or no reception areas, as in the depths of a gorge or under heavy tree foliage. Carrying a printed version of the route map while hiking, as well as a compass; have the area offline maps downloaded and spare batteries for your phone are all of critical importance. Being prepared can be a matter of safety, or even survival.
General precautions and safety tips lists can be found in the following links:
National Geographic, Top Ten Hiking Tips, and in
Hiker Safety Tips from Rocky Mountains specialists.

The administrators of this website bear no responsibility for any damage, loss or accident caused to any person by making use of the information provided in this website and its links.